Hanbitco, a domestic virtual asset exchange, announced that it will be promoting new subscriptions to The Sandbox (SAND) and Soba (SOBA) as part of NFT Event Week. From 12:00 on April 7 to 23:59 on April 20 (Korean time), 23 SAND will be paid to new Hanbitco members during the period, and 53 SOBA will be paid to new Hanbitco and SOBA members during the same period.

Blockchain-based entertainment NFT platform SOBA was released in beta today. SOBA, the native coin of the SOBA platform, was recently listed on the domestic virtual asset exchange Gopax, attracting attention as an NFT coin.

The NFT market that SOBA is focusing on is truly hot. According to Dapperlabs, the amount of capital inflow into the NFT market was only $12 million (about 1.35 billion won) in December 2020, but NBA TOP SHOT, OpenSea, and CryptoPunks , And top platforms such as DeltaTime saw a 28-fold increase in sales in February to $342 million (approximately 382 billion won). …


SOBA Platform Beta Launch






The beta version of SOBA Platform, a NFT project sitting at the core of SOBA Global’s business, was released.

SOBA Platform is a platform that improves the complex distribution process and disparity of profit distribution in the existing music market through blockchain technology and provides royalty to musicians as well as listeners. The listener can directly invest in the artist’s records or convert a variety of contents produced by the musician into a digital asset type.

On the SOBA Platform, various digital contents such as sound sources, pictorials and videos of existing musicians are published as NFT, and various digital contents such as lo-fi, lounge and trap based on hiphop beats are issued as NFTs.


Controversy and clarification on the relationship with Soribada

As the SOBA token was listed on Gopax on March 11th, it is getting hot attention from existing/preliminary investors. Most people who believe that blockchain technology is a solution that can solve various problems in the music market, therefore, send support for the SOBAproject, but some are on the verge of identifying the loopholes of the project.

Yesterday, March 26th, a reporter who has usually reported with hostility about SORIBADA INC., made an article about the content which is not completely true about the SOBA platform. It was exhausting content for the SOBA project team who really worked hard on…

Source: Coinreaders

소바 글로벌(SOBA Global)은 3월 출시를 앞두고 있는 블록체인 기반의 엔터테인먼트 SOBA 플랫폼이 개발 막바지에 이르렀다며 플랫폼에서 선보일 NFT에 대해 소개했다.

SOBA 플랫폼은 NFT로 최초 출시될 디지털 음원에 힙합 비트 기반의 로파이, 라운지, 트랩 등 다채로운 스펙트럼을 담아낼 예정이다. MZ 세대가 가장 선호하는 장르임과 동시에 저작권에서 보다 자유로운 힙합 장르를 선택해 팬들과 함께 투자하고 성장시킬 계획이다.

음원 비트메이커이자 프로듀서로 참여한 ‘DIAL’과 그가 속한 크루 ‘null’은 평범한 지하철 출근길에서부터 오묘한 인도의 시타르 악기소리까지, 일상의 곳곳에서 받은 영감을 토대로 다양 …

Source: CoinCat Media

SOBA Global introduced the NFT to be introduced on the platform, saying that the blockchain-based entertainment SOBA platform, which is scheduled to be released in March, has reached the end of its development.

The SOBA platform is expected to incorporate a variety of spectrums such as hip-hop beat-based lo-fi, lounges, and traps in the digital sound source to be released for the first time as NFT. It is the most preferred genre by the MZ generation and plans to invest and grow it with fans by choosing a hip-hop genre that is free of copyrights.

‘DIAL’, who participated as a…

The era of viewing virtual currency only as a speculative market is coming to an end.

The online consumption market has expanded even further due to the Corona 19 pandemic. Companies that operated their own point system have already set their own coins rather than simple points. And it has a certain amount of bitcoin, the key coin, so that its own coin can be used in the market.

Holders with their own coins become investors, and companies that do online business secure funding power for service construction through coin sales. As related businesses grow and the commercialization of coins…

Extreme FOMO, Hot NFT Market

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who sparked the Bitcoin rally, and his wife were also unique. Grimes, known as singer, put her own NFT art at her auction, earning 6.5 billion won in 20 minutes. The image was grotesque works with a lot of cyborg baby angels. Prior to that, the first NFT art written on paper by singer Sean Ono Lennon, the only child born to the couple of the century, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, became a hot topic.

Grimes’ NFT

Source: CoinCat Media

The SOBA token of the SOBA NFT project, a major business of SOBA Global Ltd., a blockchain-based entertainment service company, will be listed on the domestic digital asset exchange Gopax on Thursday.

Using blockchain technology, NFT enables decentralized P2P services by converting contents in various areas such as games, sports, art, and music into digital assets. Since digital content issued by NFT has a uniqueness and scarcity that cannot be forged or duplicated, its value increases as time passes. For this reason, the NFT market is growing rapidly in recent years.

Meanwhile, the SOBA platform is a project to implement…


Empowering Artists and Fans through Decentralisation

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